Gibson LP Special ’60s Tribute – Vint Sunb w/Gig Bag

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Gibson LP Special ’60s Tribute – Vint Sunb w/Gig Bag 

The Les Paul ’60s Tribute 2016 T includes all the essential elements needed to rock in classic style. The authentic vintage-style finishes present the look of a well-played original, while the instrument’s unbound body and fingerboard add a fine minimalist touch.

Tuners: Traditional tuners
Neck width: Historic original 1 11/16″ neck width
Nut: TekToid nut
Neck heel: Classic Les Paul neck heel
Carrying case: Padded gigbag
Modern weight relief: Maple and mahogany body with modern weight relief
Pickups: Two vintage-style P-90s
Fingerboard: Thicker one-piece rosewood fingerboard
Setup: Comprehensive hand-finished setup
Neck profile: Slim ’60s-style neck profile

Rhythm:    P-90
Lead:    P-90


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 65 x 37 x 9 cm


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