GIBSON Guitar Flying V – Ebony

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GIBSON Guitar Flying V – Ebony

The Flying V 2016 HP is the modern incarnation of the original icon of heavy metal and the ultimate marriage of Gibson innovation and tradition.

Tuners Quieter, smoother and more precise, the new and improved G FORCE™ offer the best in automated tuning Switch Our new high-tech pickup selector switch is extremely rugged and amazingly quiet Saddles Titanium bridge saddles deliver unprecedented sustain and a bright, clear tone that gets you heard in the mix Pickups Our ’57 Classic and BurstBucker 3 humbuckers are among the most powerful rock humbuckers available Neck width A carefully designed wider neck provides added playing surface while retaining a traditional string spacing for a familiar feel Inlays Subtly elegant mother-of-pearl dot inlays lend a touch of class to the Flying V 2016 HP Neck profile Amazingly fast and extremely comfortable, the SlimTaper neck profile has long been a favorite of rock soloists Jack A high-performance multi-contact jack with gold-plated contacts provides faultless signal transfer Neck heel Gibson USA’s new fast-access heel allows an easier reach of the highest frets than was ever previously possible Nut An innovative titanium zero-fret nut combines outstanding resonance and sustain with the fastest action imaginable

Tuners: New and improved G FORCE™ (better feeling, lower noise)
Switch: Sturdier, noiseless toggle switch
Saddles: Made from ultra-hard titanium
Pickups: ’57 Classic and BurstBucker humbuckers
Neck width: Wider Soloist neck width
Inlays: Mother of pearl dots
Neck profile: Fast SlimTaper profile
Jack: Gold-plated multi-contact jack
Neck heel: Exclusive fast-access heel
Nut: Titanium adjustable zero fret nut

Wood Species:     Mahogany
Pieces:     Multi
Density:     A-WR, C-EB
Binding:     Cream
Average Weight (body only):     3 lbs. 12.8 oz

Materials Used
Glue:     Franklin Titebond 50

Body Contour
Carve:     Flat

Wood Species:     Mahogany
Pieces:     1

Truss Rod:     Flying V
Profile:     Slim Taper
Thickness at Fret 1:     .800″
Thickness at Fret 12:     .850″
Average Weight:     1 lbs. 2.0 oz

Peg Head
Type:     Flying V
Inlay:     Blank
Headstock Angle:     17 degrees
Tonal, Resonant, and/or Technical Effect:     Sculpted access joint

Neck Fit
Joint Angle:     4.0 degrees
Joint Angle Tolerance:     0 deg 0 min 15 sec
Type:     Mortis and Tenon
Adhesive:     Franklin Titebond 50
Gauges Used:     Pitch Height Gauge, Alignment Gauge

Style:     Zero Style
Material:     Titanium
Width:     1.745″
Slots:     E: 1.4732 mm / 0.058 inches
A: 1.2192 mm / 0.048 inches
D: 0.9652 mm / 0.038 inches
G: 0.7112 mm / 0.028 inches
B: 0.4826 mm / 0.019 inches
e: 0.3556 mm / 0.014 inches

Wood Species:     Rosewood
Pieces:     1
Shade:     Dark

Fingerboard Details
Radius:     30.48 cm / 12 ”
Frets:     22
Nut/End of Board:     1.745″ @ nut, 2.310″ @ end of board
Scale:     Equal tempered 62.865 cm / 24.75″
Binding:     Cream
Side Dots (Color):     Black

Fingerboard Inlays
Style:     Dot
Material:     Mother of Pearl
Dimensions:     0.63246cm / 0.249″
Average Weight:     4.16 oz

Color Code:     EB
Surface Texture:     Smooth/ Hi Gloss 90 Sheen Lacquer
Filler:     Walnut
Sealer:     1-1.5 mils
Top:     Ebony #410-B5V-5267
Top Coat:     Hi Gloss Lacquer/ 90 Sheen 7-8 mils
Scraped:     Fingerboard Sides and Nut

Pickups Rhythm Lead
Style: 57 ZB BB 3 ZB
Winds/Coil: Screw side/Slug side: 5250/5250 5500/5750
Material of Wire (gauge): Enamel (42) Enamel (42)
Coil Dimensions (per coil): 6.6294 cm x 1.7272 mm / 2.61″ x 0.68″ 6.6294 cm x 1.7272 mm / 2.61″ x 0.68″
Coil Material: ABS ABS
Coil Winding Process: Machine Wound Machine Wound
Pole Piece Material: Nickel plated steel Nickel plated steel
Pole Piece Position from Nut: 47.3075 cm / 18.625″ 59.52998 cm / 23.437 inches
Slug Material: Nickel plated steel Nickel plated steel
Slug Dimensions (diameter x length): 4.7498 mm x 1.24206 cm / 0.187 x 0.489″ 4.7498 mm x 1.24206 cm / 0.187 x 0.489″
Magnet Material: Alnico II Alnico II
Qfactor: 5.59 2.98
ResistanceDC: 7925 Ohms 8570 Ohms
Resonant Frequency: 2458.16 Hz 2538.93 Hz

Tuning Keys
Style:     Grover Green Keys
Material:     Zamak
Weight:     31.1845 gm / 1.1oz

Tuning Keys Details
Tuning Ratio:     14:01
Gear Type:     Worm
What is allowable turn:     Proprietary
Plating specs:     Chrome
Part numbers:     430-14139, 430-14140

String Dimensions
E:     1.1684mm / 0.046″
A:     0.9144 mm / 0.036″
D:     0.6604 mm / 0.026″
G:     0.4064mm / 0.016″
B:     0.2794mm / 0.011″
e:     0.2286mm / 0.009″

Style:     Tune-o-matic w/ Titanium saddles
Material:     Zamak base
Plating Specs:     Chrome
Part number:     430-14384
Weight:     72.5748 gm / 2.56 oz

Dimensions of String Slots
E:     1.4732mm / 0.058″
A:     1.2192mm / 0.048″
D:     0.9652mm / 0.038″
G:     0.7112mm / 0.028″
B:     0.4826mm / 0.019”
e:     0.3556mm / 0.014″

Style:     Stop Bar
Compensated:     No
Material:     Zamak
Plating Specs:     Chrome
Part number:     430-10135
Weight:     82.21 gm / 2.9 oz.

Output Jack
Style:     HP 1/4″ mono gold plated positive contact

Strap Buttons
Material:     Aluminum
Plating Specs:     None
Part numbers:     430-19160 / 430-19160E
Weight:     4.0 gm / 0.14 oz.

Truss Rod Cover
Style:     White, hot stamped gold “Gibson”
Part Number:     430-19014

Style:     None
Part Number:     Amber top hat knobs

Dial Pointers
Yes/No:     430-19778
Control Plate(s) (Backplate Cover)
Style:     Yes

Trim Rings
Style:     Cream humbucker Low/High
Part Number:     430-13894 / 430-13893

Style:     HP Gibson Hardshell
Color:     Black

Strap Locks:     None
Tools:     Truss rod wrench
2.5mm adjustment wrench, Polishing cloth

Manual:     Yes
COA/Other:     N/A


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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 65 x 37 x 9 cm


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