GIBSON Guitar J35 Modern Classic – Natural

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GIBSON Guitar J35 Modern Classic – Natural w/pickup

An affordable historic model with a 1930s sound

The J-35 is handcrafted exclusively from solid tone-woods, sitka spruce and mahogany. Featuring vintage 1930s advanced X- bracing pattern resulting in outstanding projection. The 2016 J-35 is the modern equivalent of that original round-shoulder flat-top with Gibson’s historically celebrated, full-bodied acoustic tone.

New and Improved for 2016

Truss Rod Cover: New 2016 engraved truss rod cover.
Upgraded Pickup: LR Baggs Element VTC for ultimate plug and play ease
Improved Feel: Fingerboard edge is softened to comfortably fit the contour of the player’s hand
Enhanced Finish: Finer grit sandpaper and polishing compounds for high gloss finish
Premium Setup: Utilizing state-of-the-art German engineered Plek technology to create the finest playing surface possible. Hand finished for the world’s finest feel and playability
Smoother hand rubbed and oiled fingerboard and bridges: New penetrating and finishing oil lasts longer and maximizes wood’s natural vibrancy

Wood Species: Sitka Spruce
Pieces: 2
Grade:     AA
Binding: 4 ply top

Wood Species: Mahogany
Pieces: 2
Binding: 1 ply
Weight ; Average Weight (body only):     1.025 kg /2.26 lbs

Materials Used
Glue:     Franklin Titebond 50
Tonal, Resonant, and/or Technical Effect:     Radiused top with scalloped bracing for projection and resonance
Body Contour
Carve:     Radiused

Wood Species:     Mahogany
Pieces:     1

Truss Rod:     Single Action
Profile:     Profile
Thickness at Fret 1:     2.04cm / .803″
Other Materials:     Franklin Titebond 50, hot hide glue neck joint
Average Weight:     408.23 gr / 14.4 oz

Peg Head
Type:     CF-100
Logo:     Script and banner decal
Headstock Angle:     17 degrees
Tonal, Resonant, and/or Technical Effect:     Compound Dovetail neck joint for resonance distribution throughout guitar

Neck Fit
Joint Angle:    3 degrees
Type:    Compound Dovetail
Adhesive:    Hot hide glue
Gauges Used:  Short Scale Pitch Guage, Rule
Material:     Tusq
Width:     4.38 cm / 1.725″
E: 0.053
A: 0.042
D: 0.032
G: 0.024
B: 0.016
e: 0.012

Wood Species:     Rosewood
Pieces:     1

Fingerboard Details
Radius:     30.48 cm / 12 ”
Frets:     20
Nut/End of Board:     4.38cm / 1.725″ @ nut, 5.70cm / 2.245″ @ end of board
Scale:     62.865cm / 24.75″
Side Dots (Color):     White

Fingerboard Inlays
Style:     Dots
Material:     Mother of Pearl
Average Weight:     0.11kg / 0.25lb

Antique Natural
Color Code:     AN
Surface Texture:     Smooth/ Hi Gloss 90 Sheen Lacquer
Filler:     Natural
Sealer:     1-1.5 mils
Top Coat:     Hi Gloss Lacquer/ 90 Sheen 7-8 mils
Scraped:     Fingerboard Sides and Nut

Tuning Keys
Style:     White Button
Weight:     22.68gr / 0.05lb

Tuning Keys Details
Tuning Ratio:     14:01
Plating specs:     Nickel
Part numbers:     140-130-680

String Dimensions
E:     0.053
A:     0.042
D:     0.032
G:     0.024
B:     0.016
e:     0.012

Style:     Rectangle Closed Slot
Material:     Rosewood with Tusq saddle
Part number:     140-120-915, 140-130-866
Weight:     22g / .8 oz

Output Jack
Style:     6.35 mm / 1/4″ mono

Style:     L.R. Baggs VTC

Pick Guard
Style:     Firestripe J-35
Part Number:     140-130-965

Truss Rod Cover
Style:  2016
Part Number:     140-130-840

Style:     Hard Shell
Color:     Black
Manual:     Gibson Acoustic Owner’s Manual
COA/Other:     None

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 65 x 37 x 9 cm


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