GIBSON acoustic guitar J45 Cutaway – Vintage sunburst

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GIBSON acoustic guitar J45 Cutaway – Vintage sunburst

The quintessential J-45 acoustic with new cutaway body
Classic combination of Sitka Spruce top and mahogany body for perfect response
One-piece mahogany neck with Slim Taper profile
Sumptuous 20-fret rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays
Fitted with an upgraded LR Baggs VTC pickup system
Equipped with nickel Grover Rotomatics tuners
Traditional belly up rosewood bridge with tusq saddle
Superb hi gloss Vintage Sunburst finish with tear drop pickguard

The J-45 is a Gibson acoustic model that has often been fondly referred to as “The Workhorse”. A mainstay feature of the J-45 is its round shoulders, however this 2017 version of a classic Gibson acoustic has a new cutaway body, allowing full access to all of the frets. A favourable detail of the J-45 is its ability to respond accurately to the way you play, from soothing fingerstyle to dominant chord structures.

The 2017 J-45 acoustic guitar retains the well-known round shoulder construction with an added single cutaway. This new body structure grants you full access to all of the frets, suiting any type of playing style. The body top is constructed from premium “AA” grade Sitka spruce, providing wonderful harmonics with an absolutely excellent response. The top is reinforced with scalloped bracing, further improving resonance and output. The back and sides are mahogany, a classic tonewood often used in the construction of a top quality acoustic guitar.

The J-45 Cutaway has a smooth mahogany neck fitted via a compound dovetail joint, and is shaped to the wonderfully comfortable Slim Taper profile. The neck joint boosts resonance and sound distribution through the guitar. Topping the neck is a 20-fret rosewood fingerboard, a playing surface which feels magnificent beneath your fingertips. Guiding you from one fret to the next with confidence are decorative Mother of Pearl white dot inlays.

The VTC pickup system is an incredibly advanced undersaddle pickup which reflects the movement of the soundboard while you play. Unlike other undersaddle pickups, the LR Baggs VTC features a minute, flexible film sensor which listens directly to the soundboard, thus providing a truly dynamic range. The pickup has a small, basic construction but is unmatched in the world of undersaddle pickups.

The J-45 Cutaway is equipped with a traditional rosewood belly up bridge with a tusq nut and saddle, giving the acoustic tone a level of consistency as well as maintaining a firm connection between the strings and body.

The headstock is kitted out with the reliable nickel Grover Rotomatic tuners with a 14:1 gear ratio, providing completely accurate tuning.

The Hi Gloss 90 Vintage Sunburst finish and the cutaway shape of the body are complemented with a traditional tear drop pickguard. The Gibson 2017 J-45 Cutaway comes with a black hardshell case and a Gibson Acoustic Owner’s Manual.


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