Boucher Guitar Special Edition Victor

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Boucher Guitar Special Edition Victor CMV


Exceptional Features
– Stunning Sound Clarity
– Incredible Projection
– Unique design
-Certificate of Authentication of Wood Used
– Available Exclusively Victor Music Center

– Harmony Table: Moonwood Adirondack “AAAA” Grade
– Walnut Resonance Case Ondé Mastergrade
– Distinct and Rare Ornamentation
– Easel Anchors and Mechanics with Ebony Buttons

Made of walnut wavy mastergrade of extreme rarity, this series of Boucher guitars enjoys a wood of resonance even more special because of its visual appearance to take the breath. Mr. Jean-Pierre Lavoie of Bois Can-am, a supplier of exotic wood, saw only two walnut logs with such a spectacular wavy figure combined with the presence of an immaculate white sap in over 40 years d Experience, which represents about 50,000 logs! Almost miraculous.

Also, the “Moonwood” option accompanies the harmony tables of this exclusive series. On January 6, 2016, in the midst of the declining phase of the moon, company president Robin Boucher went personally to select the trees used to make these guitars. During this time of year, the nutrients are found at the ends of the roots of the tree, leaving its trunk free of any resin. The stability and the sound and mechanical properties of the guitars are therefore enhanced.

In addition, the combination of walnut and soundboard “Moonwood” offers an instrument with a stunning sound clarity and an incredible projection, features characteristic of walnut gasoline exceptionally uniquely resonate Fundamental of these acoustic guitars shops.

To top it all, this exclusive series has a distinct and unusual ornamentation: mechanical with ebony buttons and black protective plate. These jewels, signed Guitars Boucher, are available exclusively at Center de Musique Victor!

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 65 x 37 x 9 cm


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