Wireless LINE 6 Relay G90 12ch 300′

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Wireless LINE 6 Relay G90 12ch 300′

Wired guitar tone. Wireless guitar freedom.
Experience new highs—and lows—with Relay.

Pure signal. Wireless guitar freedom.

Relay® is leading the digital wireless revolution for guitarists, with advanced technology that’s generations ahead of the rest. Relay systems deliver tour-grade guitar wireless in a compact format—so you can experience wireless freedom without compromising your tone. Featuring up to 14 channels of compander-free 24-bit audio, full 10Hz-20kHz frequency response and a wide dynamic range of up to 120dB (A weighted), the signal is so pure and strong it sounds just like a wired guitar.

Relay goes all the way down to an earth-shaking 10Hz—more than an octave lower than most wireless—to capture the full range of your bass. Plus, our 24-bit front end is carefully engineered to handle a wide range of levels from your active or passive instrument. With Relay on your hip, you’ll enjoy the best bottom end in the business.

Designed for musicians who value pure tone, Relay® digital wireless systems deliver unparalleled sound quality—without compromise. Unlike other systems, Relay never compresses your signal—you always get full frequency response and wide dynamic range. Cable Tone matches the unique character of a standard guitar cable, while digital technology keeps the signal noise-free the whole time you’re in range—up to 300 feet from the receiver. You’ve spent countless hours perfecting your tone. Make sure it’s heard loud and clear.

Enjoy full-range sound quality.

Relay delivers the full frequency range of your guitar or bass, so you get accurate, crystal-clear sound. Plus, selectable Cable Tone technology offers you the option to reproduce the sound of a standard instrument cable, so you can enjoy the distinctive wired sound we’re all used to—with the freedom of wireless.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 65 x 37 x 9 cm


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