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TC Electronic Pedal HOF Reverb

Space. The Final Frontier
Reverb is very much about space, but then again so is your pedal board. So what if we could combine unlimited space for your reverbs with a miniature footprint? What? You’d be partying on for days? Well break out the confetti, because it’s here!
– Room for choice – all of TC’s best reverbs available via TonePrint
– TonePrint Enabled
– Ultra-small footprint

Reverb Royalty
Look we’re not into the whole chest-beating thing, but OUR reverbs? They’re among the best out there. They’ve been on countless records and movies and used by guitarists around the world – rock stars to bedroom shredders all swear by them. That’s why Hall of Fame Mini comes pre-loaded with one of the very best; our legendary hall reverb. All of the amazing reverbs from our award-winning Hall of Fame reverb are also available as TonePrints and can easily be loaded into Hall Of Fame Mini. So whether you crave spring, hall, room, plate or the amazing lush cathedral reverb, you’re covered.

Infinite Reverbs, Limited Space
If Hall Of Fame Mini was proportionate to the amount of tone possibilities we packed in there, it’d have its own moon orbiting around it. But, as you Sherlocks probably noticed from the name Mini, it’s really small. Built on our renowned Mini platform that also spawned Ditto Looper and PolyTune Mini, there’s always room on your pedalboard for this one, and the amount of tone choices never ends. It’s the best of both worlds!

What you get is a guitarist’s reverb that may remind you of guitar’s most heralded amps from yesteryear: one knob – awesome tone no matter what.

Knob Fiddling
Hall Of Fame Mini opens up the world of reverb to you like no other pedal ever could. You can beam your favorite TonePrints directly to your pedal via your smartphone, including all the default sounds of the original Hall Of Fame.

Added to that, the TonePrint Editor allows you to shape, sculpt and form YOUR ideal reverb from the ground up. The editor is an easy to use tool but it gives you complete tonal liberty via a set of intuitive, deep controls that allow you to to create any classic reverb type you like.

True to Tone
You love tone, so do we, and our design philosophy testifies to that. So whatever route you wanna go, we got your back. With optimized headroom and True Bypass, Hall Of Fame Mini guarantees optimal tonal integrity and zero loss of tone. And, no matter if  Hall Of Fame is on or off your precious dry sound is always passed through unharmed in all it’s pure analog glory due to an Analog-Dry-Through.

Backstage Pass – All Access
For all of it’s awesomeness, Hall Of Fame Mini is super easy to understand. Just look at it. One knob for more or less reverb and the option to use TonePrint. That’s it. But the sounds you get span the entire history of reverb, from classic Gilmour and Hendrix to the original reverb sounds of cavemen screaming into a canyon.

Size Matters
Hall Of Fame Mini has an ultra-small footprint – it will fit on any pedal board, even yours!

Analog Dry-Through
Keeps your tone YOURS. We never convert the dry signal, so you’ll always shine through with zero latency and total tonal transparency.

All Signals Go
Works equally awesome with guitar and line level/FX Loop signals.

The Verb is Reverb
From spring, hall, room, plate to cathedral and everything in between – you can have it in TC quality.

True Bypass
True Bypass for zero tone coloration.

Hall of Fame Reverb’s Resume
•TonePrint-enabled – load HOF Mini with your favorite artist’s tone
•  Room for choice – swap between a smorgasbord of renowned TC Electronic reverbs including spring, hall, room, plate, cathedral and many many more using TonePrint
•Ultra-small footprint – will fit on any pedal board
• True Bypass for zero tone coloration
• Analog-Dry-Through design – no conversion of the dry signal for absolute tonal transparency and zero latency
• Works flawlessly with guitar and line level/FX Loop signals


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