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TC Electronic Nova System

Complete Compact Creativity
With six amazing sounding effect blocks ported straight from our flagship G-System and an added all analog but programmable overdrive and distortion, Nova System is the all-in-one wonder that’s hands down the best compact unit on the market today. There, we said it.

Six effect blocks ported 1:1 from G-System
Nova Drive Technology – all-analog drive with preset control
Super simple – features pedal- or preset functionality

Nova System’s Resume
6 effect blocks taken straight from G-System:

– Compression
– EQ + Noise Gate
– Modulation
– Pitch
– Delay
– Reverb
– 30 factory and 60 user presets
– Two footswitch layouts: preset and pedal
– Hi-Z and balanced input + balanced stereo outputs
– Optional G-Switch for added control

Firm Foundation, Next Generation
Nova System takes the industry standard G-System EQ, noise gate, modulation, pitch, delay and reverb blocks and adds a totally organic and musical drive section to deliver a compact package of pure tone.

Far Beyond Driven
Nova Drive technology is a great sounding, totally musical analog overdrive and distortion section – with the added benefits of digital control giving you ultra-precise tone shaping tools, preset storage/recall and sweet undiluted tone.

It Swings Both Ways
Whether you prefer to treat your effects as stompboxes or want to program presets you recall at the press of a switch, Nova System is right there with you at every step.

Backstage Pass – All Access
Nova System is all about control and getting the sounds you want – about pedal simplicity and great ease of use. If you know pedals you’ll feel right at home with nova system. And, the vast range of sounds and effects allows you to pick’n’choose what you need to rock. hard.

Flexible Routing Options
Route your effects in serial, parallel or semi–parallel – whatever you need to do to get the effected sounds you are looking for.

Easy Access
Nova System is really easy – it allows to use your effects as if they were individual pedals, making the process of sounds a breeze.

Did You Know?
Use Nova System’s Pitch Block for Slap Delay effects, allowing you to use both a long tap-tempo delay and a slap delay in the same preset for a very rhythmic vibe.

Preset for Awesome
Nova System offers 30 factory presets and 60 user presets for a world of effect combos, sounds and tones that will get you rocking straight out of the box, but leave plenty of room for your own creativity!

Controlling the Coolness
So how do you tame Nova System? It’s actually really simple: you decide whether you want to switch presets or turn individual effects on and off and… well, thats about it. Dirt simple. If you want more advanced options like MIDI, it does that too.

Brilliance in Store
Nova System’s unique quality in guitar land is that it allows you to store not only presets, but settings you’ve made to individual effects – no more desperate searches for that one cool thing you had going, it’s all there.

Displaying the Goods
Nova System’s display is a thing of beauty – whether displaying parameter values or the pitch of your strings, it’s clear, precise and bright at any angle.

User Friendly Menu
The Intuitive and pedal-inspired user interface allow for a firm grasp of your tone and the clear LCD display makes sure you know what’s happening at all times.

All the Ins- And Outs
Hi-Z and balanced input, stereo output – whether used in front of an amp or in an effects loop, optimal signal flow is guaranteed.

Nova System feature Extensive midi options for controlling other midi-enabled units and external control of Nova System.

Pedal Input
Add an expression pedal to control effect parameters and even the amount of distortion in real time. The optional G-Switch will lets you have the best of both worlds: instant access to all effects blocks AND instant recall of the 60 user presets.



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