Pedal Jonny Rock Gear – Moby Depth

$279.00 $279.00.


Pedal Jonny Rock Gear – Moby Depth

The “Moby Depth” is basically a spring reverb, but with many adjustments that make it unique among other reverb pedals.
Push it in the deep to feel like you’re wandering in a whale.

Main features are:
AccutronicsTM (Belton) digital reverb technology
Tone shaping control
Decay adjustment
Switchable and adjustable feedback loop
Mix knob to blend wet and dry signals
FX Loop (Send-Return)

?Powder coated die cast aluminum enclosure w/silk screened art work
DC output w/negative center compatible w/std 9V AC adaptor
5mm Ultra Violet LED indicator
Professionnal Jacks Neutrik® NYS229 (In-Out), and NMJ4HCD2 (Send, Return)

REVERB: Overall volume of the Reverb and Insert
DECAY: Lenght of the Reverb
TONE: Brightness control
MIX: Blend the wet effected signal with your dry sound
REGEN: Amount of effected signal sent back in the Reverb (Feedback control)
SND: Goes through the Input of any effect pedal
RTN: Receives Ouput of any effect pedal


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