MXR ’75 Vintage Phase 45 Pedal CSP105

$139.00 $139.00.


MXR ’75 Vintage Phase 45 Pedal CSP105

’75 Vintage Phase 45 Info
The ’75 Vintage Phase 45 reissue from the MXR Custom Shop reproduces the rare little brother of the Phase 90 to exacting specifications. With two stages of phasing, the Phase 45 offers up its subtle and musical voice via hand-matched FETs and hand-wired circuit board. Authentic tried and true components and hardware such as a Carling switch, CTS pot and Switchcraft jacks. Texture your tone without over powering your sound with the limited-edition ’75 Vintage Phase 45.
’75 Vintage Phase 45

’75 vintage Phase 45 exact reissue
True analog phasing
Hand-matched FETs and hand-wired circuit board
Power: Single 9 volt battery


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