DOD Pedal Stereo PHASER FX20b used

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Pedal Dod Stereo Phaser FX20b use

The FX20B Stereo Phasor / Phaser succeeded the FX20 in late 1985, adding a Depth control and another output while revising the circuit to use three dual OTA chips. The FX20B featured six stages of phase shifting, while the Boss PH-2 Super Phaser (introduced in 1984) featured up to 12 stages of phase shifting. The FX20B was produced with several cosmetic variants (see below) until 1998, when it was replaced by the final-series FX20C.

  • Controls: Speed, Depth, Regen
    Cosmetic variants:

    • “Stereo Phasor” vs. “Stereo Phaser”: The original FX20 phase-shifting effects pedal followed in the footsteps of DOD’s first-issue 201, 401, and 490 Phasors, which used the Mu-Tron spelling of “phasor” (instead of “phaser”, as used by Ross and Boss, among others). The first FX20Bs were labeled as a “Stereo Phasor”, although the instruction manuals referred to a “Stereo Phaser”. In or around early 1987, the pedals briefly switched to the “Phaser” spelling, but they switched back to “Phasor” by the end of that year. Finally, when the “second series” DOD FX pedals were introduced in early 1989, the FX20-B was called a “Stereo Phaser” and retained that spelling for the rest of its production run.


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