Djembe SARGA Langi 12½” Orange demo

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Djembe Sarga Langi 12½” Orange

In brilliant colours, combining light weight and warm tone. This range is a perfect choice for colourful events.
Sarga Percussion Langi djembes are distinguished by their lively colours, their light weight and their powerful warm tone. These high quality instruments are fitted with a raw skin. We use a 3/16″ double braided polyester rope to guarantee the necessary tension and keep the djembe well tuned. They are made of poplar and offered in Bordeaux, Red, Orange and Black colour.
They can also be supplied with a raw skin with unshaven crown (by special order only).

DIMENSIONS; 12½” x 24″
WOOD; Poplar
SKIN; raw goat skin
ROPES; 3/16″ double braided polyester
FINISHED; Ultra penetrating stain with polyurethane finish

A raw skin is one on which the hairs are shaved with a blade directly on the djembe. We generally obtain a thicker skin, which produces a warmer tone.



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