ROLAND KC-60 Keyboard Amplifier 40W

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Roland Keyboard Amplifier 40W

The Roland KC-60 3-Channel 40W Stereo Mixing Keyboard Amplifier brings renowned KC-Series sound quality to an even lower price. This affordable 40-watt amp is also the first to feature a Subwoofer output for enhanced low end. And with three separate channels—including an XLR Microphone input and stereo Auxiliary input—the KC-60 is one of the most flexible amps around.

The KC-60 also features a Headphone output with a separate volume control, and a subwoofer output. Additionally, the KC-60 provides a line output for connection to an external mixer, thereby serving as both a reliable stage monitoring solution and a sub mixer feed to a larger PA sound system.

Roland’s KC-Series Keyboard Amplifiers are known for their exceptional sound quality. That’s because they’re built to handle the wide range of sounds created by today’s synthesizers, samplers and electronic musical instruments. The new KC-60 takes these principles and puts them in a more affordable design, powered by a 40-watt amplifier with a 10-inch speaker and separate tweeter. Now anyone can step up to a KC amp. And once you do, you’ll never look back.

Key Features

  • Portable Keyboard Amplifier with 40 Watts of power and 2-Way speaker cabinet
  • 3-Channel Mono Mixer with separate level Control Knobs and Master 2-Band EQ section
  • XLR microphone input for dynamic microphones
  • Stereo Auxiliary input
  • 1/4″ line output for Recorder or Mixer connection
  • Subwoofer output
  • Headphone output with separate level Control Knob

Technical Specs

Rated Power Output: 40 W

Nominal Input Level (1kHz)

Channel 1 (mic/line): -50 to -20 dBu

Channel 2, 3 (line): -20 dBu

Nominal Output Level (1kHz)

Line Out: +4 dBu

Subwoofer Out: +4 dBu


25cm (10 in) x 1, Tweeter x 1


Channel 1 Input Jack (XLR type, 1/4″ phone type)

Channel 2 Input Jack (1/4″ phone type)

Channel 3 Input Jack (1/4″ phone type)

AUX IN Jack (RCA phone type)

Line Out Jack (1/4″ phone type)

Subwoofer Out Jack (1/4″ phone type)

Phones Jack (Stereo 1/4″ phone type, Mono Signal Output)

Power Supply

AC 117 V, AC 230 V, AC 240 V

Size and Weight

Width              415mm (16-3/8 in)

Depth              290mm (11-7/16 in)

Height             405mm (16 in)

Weight            12.0kg (26lbs. 8oz.)



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