MARSHALL Guitar Amplifier MA100C 100W AllValve 2 channels, 2×12 USE

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Marshall Guitar Amplifier MA100C 100W AllValve 2 channels, 2×12 USE

Use, no boxe and no footswitch

With a classic ECC83/EL34 pre and power amp combination at its heart, the UK designed and engineered MA100C 100 Watt 2 x 12” combo was built on pure-valve foundations.

The dual channel design provided an abundance of tonal possibilities, while the straightforward front panel layout and individual EQ sections meant achieving the sounds you want couldn’t have been be simpler.

With single coil pickups the clean channel delivered clear bright notes, whilst switching to humbuckers and cranking the volume lead to natural signal break up, ideal for both cutting indie-style rhythm and vintage rock riffing.

The uniquely voiced overdrive channel let you experience the full potential of Marshall valve power, from glorious bluesy crunch to hard driving rock and all points in-between. Engaging the overdrive’s boost function upped the gain for both pounding metal and fret-burning solos.

Additional tonal fine tuning was provided by a master section consisting of presence, resonance and reverb, with a serial FX loop also included.

The MA100C combo was loaded with newly developed AX-75 speakers, custom-voiced to match perfectly the tone, feel and response of the whole MA Series.

Power Output : 100W
Preamp Valves : 3 x ECC83
Poweramp Valves : 4 x EL34
Channels :  2
Clean Channel controls : Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass
Overdrive Channel controls : Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Gain, Crunch Balance
Master controls : Presence Resonance, Reverb
Overdrive Channel Boost : Yes
Footswitch (supplied) ‘Channel Select’ / ‘Boost’ : Yes
Serial FX Loop (-10dBV nominal level) : Yes
Speaker output options : 8 and 16 Ohms



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